Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Climbing my Mountain to College- Unit 2 Review


To review for any of the objectives you need look at the following...

1. Regions of the United States- This one you just have to study those maps in your notebooks. Use a compass

2. Landforms and Bodies of Water in the United States
- Use Google Maps to find the following landforms or bodies of water. Then on a separate sheet of paper describe what you see and where they are in the United States. Don't forget to use satellite view and zoom in and out!

       1. Mount Mitchell- The tallest mountain on in the Appalachian Mountains
       2. Mount Elbert- The tallest mountain in the Rocky Mountains
       3. One of the Great Lakes- Lake Superior, Erie, Huron, Michigan or Ontario
       4. Lake Itasca- this is the lake where the Mississippi starts
       5. The Grand Canyon
       6. The Great Plains

3. How landforms and bodies of water influence us- this includes effects of physical processes and population density.

Read about natural disasters of the past and future to find out how much we need things like water, but also the harm they can cause us.

4. The 50 capitals of the United States- STUDY!

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